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The mission of Alpina School is to provide students with a developmentally appropriate education which emphasizes high academic and social expectations for all students; the opportunities, resource


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School Objectives

Stemming from our mission statement are six characteristics for each student to exhibit at all times:

  • Respect self, others and environment
  • Participate productively and resp


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  The School Insignia

The School Insignia identifies our commitment to working together with parents and their children to ensure that our children are offered only the highest educational opportunities. We are proud of our relationship with the local community and of the reputation we enjoy within it.


Our School Motto is: “Learning Is The Greatest Conquest”.


Modern Science Lab

A complete, fully equipped, modern lab geared for all experiments covered in the Class 1 to 8 and Matriculation curricula.

Fully equipped IT Labs & Centres

Our fully equipped Computer and IT Labs have over 50 P-IVs, internet connections, and class-wise software. Taught by highly qualified MCS teache


The staff at Alpina School is committed to ensuring that high academic, social and moral standards are achieved by providing a caring, secure and stimulating environment, where each student is provided with a wealth of experiential and investigative learning experiences in a broad and balanced curriculum.

Individual teachers use the style that is most appropriate at any given time i.e. individual, group or class; the proportion

Welcome Message

Dear Parents,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Alpina School. We are delighted to share our rich history of over 30 y

Fee Schedule

Complete Tuition fees details can be obtained from the School Office.


  • Tuition fees are charged for one academic year, irrespective of sc

School Books

The school’s syllabus can be purchased from the approved booksellers. Please contact the School for details.